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Business Wire is a media intelligence service that delivers corporate press releases electronically. The company's services range from corporate news, mergers and acquisitions to financial reports and business news. The company provides a media distribution network to help companies send out time-sensitive corporate news announcements. With over 3M companies listed on the PitchBook Platform, Business Wire offers detailed data on these companies. It is a valuable resource for reporters, investors, and businesses alike.

Business Wire

The online distribution of news content from thousands of companies and organizations is the main focus of Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway company. The service distributes news, multimedia, and regulatory disclosures to media outlets and investors worldwide. Business Wire members include large and small companies. Its members include news providers, investment banks, and financial and business markets. To keep up with news trends, it regularly updates its news library. Business Wire members are responsible for millions of media hits and articles.

With more than six decades of experience in news distribution, the company sought to establish an evolved brand positioning that would reflect the company's capabilities in a changing media environment and add a bit of assertiveness to its brand expression. McGuffin was asked to develop a new logo and visual identity for Business Wire, a company that provides news and media intelligence services to organizations of all sizes. The rebrand aims to communicate the company's ability to serve clients globally, while empowering its customers to deliver information.

While PR News wire is widely regarded, Business Wire is slightly less expensive. However, it isn't completely free and requires an additional charge for photo distribution. Both newswires are widely used by business and financial media, and they offer a national distribution for only a small fraction of the PR Newswire price. It is recommended for mid-sized to large-sized companies and publicly-traded companies. Marketwire is the cheapest option, but it hits a sweet spot in distribution breadth and price.

Journalists use news wires for story ideas and to monitor industry trends. While fewer journalists subscribe to news wires, most use them as an essential part of their overall PR strategy. If you're a PR professional, it's vital to understand the basics of news wires and how they have evolved. Using the news wire to disseminate press releases and other news materials is a must-do in today's world of PR.

PR Newswire

When it comes to receiving news, PR-Newswire is one of the world's leading electronic delivery services. It operates through 35 worldwide bureaus, has an exclusive partnership with Canada NewsWire Ltd., and has several international affiliates. Currently, PR-Newswire delivers more than 1,200 news releases every day using wire, fax, and satellite technology. PR-Newswire's client base includes more than 40,000 companies and organizations. Clients pay a yearly membership fee and select from a number of options for distributing their news.

For companies that need to distribute press releases quickly, PR-Newswire is the best option. The service is considered industry-leading due to its large platform and robust reporting system. In addition to distributing press releases to media, it also distributes content to information web sites, databases, and social media networks. While both wire services have their advantages, PR-Newswire offers the most comprehensive distribution breadth, at a fraction of the cost.

While PR-Newswire is a great option for companies that need unlimited media assets, it can be difficult to navigate the site. It also offers a 24-hour turnaround, which may not be ideal for all types of news releases. PR-Newswire resellerprwires has its own network of journalists and distributes newswire via the network. Its interface is clunky, and it is not perfect for everyone.

pr wire services is owned by , a leader in media communications technology. Their platform empowers communicators to identify key influencers, craft meaningful stories, and measure the impact of their communications efforts. In addition to PR-Newswire,  also provides social media platforms to help public relations professionals. With offices in 18 countries,  is a global provider of earned media software and services.


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Business wire press release

In addition to its international newswire counterpart, Business Wire  provides  corporations with Internet platforms that allow them to distribute news to more than 500 news systems across the country and Asia. The company's distribution network spans the globe, including newswires, industry-specific news systems, and financial information services. In, the service reaches a community of over 9000 journalists and corporate executives. In addition to its domestic distribution, Business Wire also distributes news to investors and other international media outlets.

The affiliate of Business Wire, owned by the Berkshire Hathaway Group, is the definitive platform for corporate news distribution. It partners with 170 websites to distribute news to journalists, media organizations, and other outlets. In addition to its global network, Business Wire  has exclusive relationships with leading news agencies in the country. Additionally, the platform reaches over 9000 journalists and covers over 1400 news outlets in united state

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